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Yucai Holding Group Stock Corporation Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 and is located in Baiyang Industrial Zone, Qiaotou Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City. It is a comprehensive self operated import and export company that integrates scientific research and development, production and manufacturing, and sales services.Our main business covers high-end writing boards, multifunctional desks and chairs, children's furniture, fashionable office furniture, creative amusement facilities, practice base research and and learning equipment, campus information equipment, modern apartment furniture, and creative cultural services. Adhering to the concept of "happy to share the world", we strive to create a globally advanced education equipment supply system, and firmly establish unique competitive advantages in the creative design and implementation of new educational spaces, smart classrooms, ecological kindergartens, children's creative parks, campus cultural construction, and student comprehensive practice bases.


The group has six subsidiaries, including the Southwest Intelligent Manufacturing Center and the Hangzhou R&D E-commerce Economic and Trade Center, connecting online and offline marketing mechanisms to empower the group's high-quality development. Yucai Holding Group has always continued the development of equipment industry, focused on industry, rooted in the concept of education modernization, and pushed forward the original mission of "education innovation · health protection" with Dual circulation.

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Technology research and development

Yucai Holding Group Stock Corporation Co., Ltd was awarded the title of National High tech Enterprise in 2011 and was recognized by the Provincial Enterprise Research Institute in 2015. We have participated in the formulation of several national and group standards and have over 300 core independent intellectual property rights.We have collaborated with domestic universities such as China Academy of Arts, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, and Hubei Institute of Technology for over ten years to jointly build relevant technology research and development teams and institutions, striving to drive high-quality development of the industry.The company introduces nanotechnology, computer-aided technology, ophthalmic optics, ergonomics, psychology and other disciplines and technologies, improves data interaction and research, establishes a database of adolescent body shape development characteristics, uses full data research and development of new products, and forms a strong synergy in serving education.At the same time, Yucai has built a comprehensive education equipment technology testing center in the industry, with over 70 professional testing equipment of different types, specifically assisting in the research and development of new products and technology control of enterprises, forming a closed-loop of enterprise innovation, providing innovative solutions from growth to life, actively exploring a new ecology of future education and life, and creating a happy and beautiful new life.

Corporate Honors
Yucai Holding Group currently owns over 300 independent intellectual property rights and has participated in the drafting of multiple national standards and Zhejiang manufacturing standards

Since its establishment, Yucai Holding Group Stock Corporation Co., Ltd has been focusing on its main business, striving for excellence, rooted in the most genuine needs of education, concerned about the green upgrading and healthy optimization of the entire industry, and wholeheartedly advocating for high-quality development of the industry. It has risen all the way to become a global advanced education equipment supplier and a leading enterprise in China's education equipment industry.The group has been awarded the titles of "National High tech Enterprise", "China Famous Trademark", "Zhejiang Province Famous Brand Product", "Zhejiang Province Export Famous Brand" Honors such as "Zhejiang Famous Trade Name", "Zhejiang Trademark Brand Demonstration Enterprise", "Zhejiang Contract Abiding and Credit Valuing AAA Class Enterprise", "Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise", "Zhejiang High Growth Cultural Enterprise", "Wenzhou Quality City Meritorious Enterprise", "Wenzhou Leading Enterprise", "Wenzhou Most Beautiful Factory", etc. The communist party and mass organization where the enterprise is located has also been awarded the "National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Branch" "Zhejiang Advanced Grass roots Party Organization", "exemplary organization of Zhejiang Ideological and Political Work", "Wenzhou Advanced Grass roots Party Organization" and other titles!

technological innovation
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